C64 Customizable Bitmap 2022 Calendar

C64 Customizable Bitmap 2022 Calendar + C64 Koala tutorial + tool to print the calendar in pdf

Hallo people, I’m bringing to you your personal retro 2022 calendar, both as C64 virtual floppy disk and printable pdf.

The program

I assume you can drag drop a .d64 file on Vice or you are able to open it with Dirmaster (or, better, to create your real floppy disk to run with real hardware).

Once ready launch the calendar2022 prg file.
After the starting logo screen you will be brought to the month selection screen.
Move the cursor with the Joystick (port #2) and choose your month pressing fire.
Let the bitmap the time to be loaded and you get it.

In every moment you can come back to the month selection screen pressing fire.


Now the best part for you.
You can easily change bitmaps with yours simply replacing them in the disk (but you have to not change the file names!)
The difficult part is to create bitmaps in “koala multicolor” format, the required format for this program.
In order to do that, you can convert pics using Multipaint (this one also to paint yourself) or Project One, check my video on YT.


I have written a simple html page ready to be printed on A4 format. In the “forPdf” folder you find it together with screeshots taken from Vice. Replace the screenshots with yours and you have a html ready to be printed on A4 (I use Chrome, so I can’t assure it works for other browsers). I print on pdf virtual printer as file, so to send it to printing services.

Download the pdf example below:

Download the whole project from my Itch.io page.


Back to the 8 bit

EDIT: credits for the Skyrim picture in October month to Fabs from Hokuto Force


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